Danielle Murrihy Hair Styling Hair Donuts

Hair Donuts

Hair donuts are everywhere and on some people they do create a great looking bun.

I recently was given some donuts from Youshiki Hair and Scissors  to play with.

One of their donuts is huge – I have never seen one as large and as solid. It was fun to create a hairstyle that wasn’t wrapped around it.

I made a ponytail and pulled the hair through the donut and then let the Sharni’s hair just fall over the top without pinning it under.

The other donuts that Youshiki sells are nifty little ones that have a press stud.  I always carry a few in my kit as they work really well in photo shoots.

Hair donut
Danielle Murrihy Editorial Stylist and Makeup Artist Sydney

Curly Hair Style

What is the first thing you notice about this photo?
For me it is her curly hair style!
To achieve the curls I set her hair in a pin curl set using hot tongs with the diameter of an inch.
The set was loosened and gently shaken out.
It did start of rather curly but within an hour it had dropped to this level of curl and it remained looking gorgeous all afternoon.
I did run some Redken Align through the hair to help smooth and define sections of hair.